We have InfraCore® Inside

We are the inventors of the disruptive InfraCore® technology. InfraCore® Inside is developed and used for making robust plate-like structures from fiber reinforced plastics. Our structures are cost efficient and extremely strong. This makes our technology perfect for heavy duty structures like bridges, lock gates, ship structures, rudders, matting, blast panels, but also for high tech wings and rigid sails.

More robust & damage tolerant

InfraCore® technology enables the realization of strong, robust, damage-tolerant and fail-safe FRP structures. Specifically conceived for heavily loaded structures. Capable of surviving very harsh heavy-duty operations.

Cost efficient

InfraCore® technology offers a standardized and modular structural approach. This enables the realization of proven and validated cost-effective, easily scalable, lightweight, sustainable, maintenance free FRP structures.


InfraCore® Inside needs only non-structural foam. In all applications. This makes it cheaper and lighter than conventional heavily loaded FRP solutions.

Faster and easier to produce

FRP is faster and easier to produce than most metals, which keeps down the manufacturing costs.


The inherent fail-safety of InfraCore® technology has been proven and validated by tests. Performed by certified institutes and witnessed by recognized classification societies.


Composite structures with InfraCore® Inside deliver a long service life combined with low maintenance requirements. Together with the light weight this result in lower energy consumption throughout a product’s life.

Meet our licensees

InfraCore® technology has already been successfully implemented in a number of markets and companies. Together with our partners we can guide the InfraCore® technology to an even greater reach. InfraCore® Inside will be one of the main FRP technologies in ship structures, infrastructures and energy worldwide.

How will our technology benefit you?

Contact our team and let’s find out! We will bring in our highly skilled engineers to fit our technology to your products and processes.