Dutch Innovation combines with Canadian Manufacturing Expertise

InfraCore and CMSI Inc. announce the signing of a Licence Agreement

Rotterdam, NL, Edmonton, CA – April 13, 2021, InfraCore and CMSI Inc. report the signing of a License Agreement to bring the world class fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composite bridge using the patented InfraCore® technology to the Canadian market.

The long-distance signing ceremony was witnessed by Mr. Prasad panda, minister of Infrastructure of the Government of Alberta/Canada and by Mrs. Ines Coppoolse, Ambassador of The Netherlands to Canada.
Representing their countries both excellencies emphasized the importance of this ambitious cooperation.

InfraCore is the specialist and market leader in extremely robust load bearing FRP structures for the infrastructure market. The company’s InfraCore® technology is patented worldwide and applied in many countries around the globe.

Through this agreement, and in line with its corporate strategy, CMSI Inc. will design, manufacture and install permanent traffic, pedestrian and golf bridge solutions to Federal, Provincial and Municipal parks and private road infrastructure projects across Canada.  In addition to the permanent infrastructure, a new modular FRP/steel hybrid temporary bridge will offer an innovative solution to a wide range of industrial sectors, including utilities, oil and gas, forestry, military and emergency response in Canada and around the world.

The bridges are designed and manufactured featuring InfraCore® technology and will provide public and private infrastructure projects a sustainable option to conventional products.  The InfraCore® technology will take environmental sustainability to a new level in infrastructure projects, providing governments and companies the ability to reduce GHG’s and assist them in meeting their sustainability targets.

CMSI’s leading-edge manufacturing process will broaden Alberta’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem and contribute to the development and implementation of innovative technology and automation to the Canadian economy.  CMSI expects to add up to 30 full time positions in Alberta during the first year of the agreement.

About InfraCore

InfraCore® technology was developed in The Netherlands and has been proven in more than 1,100 heavy-traffic bridges and lock gates worldwide. These were produced by InfraCore® Inside certified manufacturer FiberCore Europe and been delivered and installed all over the world. The InfraCore® technology offers a standardized and modular structural approach. This enables the realization of proven and validated cost-effective (both OPEX/CAPEX) prefab composite (FRP) structures that are easily scalable, lightweight, sustainable, maintenance-free, heavy-duty, damage-tolerant, and load bearing. These bridges are easy to install because they only require a minimal foundation, and they are designed to last over 100 years.

Today InfraCore Company develops and markets new cross-sector product-market combinations based on InfraCore® Inside in collaboration with strategic partners in the constructive maritime, off-shore, oil & gas, energy, and other industries worldwide. The InfraCore® technology is already implemented in the EU-SUREbridge project (structural renovation of heavy-duty bridge decks on existing bridges) and in the EU-Ramses project (heavy-duty ship decks, rudders for sea vessels, and interior walls on cruise ships).

InfraCore founder/CEO Simon De Jong: “It is a real honor to know that our high tech InfraCore® technology is now represented in Canada by this great company CMSI. This strong Canadian company convinced us already with the development of InfraCore matting systems. I am sure they will be successful with InfraCore® bridges in Canada.”

About CMSI

CMSI Infrastructure (CMSI) is equipping Canada to meet its 21st century infrastructure challenges, in an environmentally sustainable manner. As Canada’s exclusive licenced manufacturer of InfraCore® technology, we are driven to reshape the way infrastructure projects are conceptualized and constructed, through next-generation materials and manufacturing expertise. Our process is to work collaboratively with clients to support their projects with our proven, patented technology, specialized products and extensive advanced manufacturing experience. Whatever the design, structural or logistical challenge, CMSI is committed to delivering the right solution necessary to advance the project.

Trust and integrity are at the core of our advanced construction materials – and is emmeshed in our entire approach to doing business. It underlies our practices, processes, procedures and principles. CMSI’s products and business practices revolve around a commitment to sustainable, best-practices construction solutions, as well as responsible operating and environmental practices.