Quality Policy

InfraCore Company strives at all times towards quality, continuity and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Besides this our company ensures a healthy and safe working environment for all stakeholders, employees, suppliers, subcontractors and others.

This is a valuable operation regarding the company’s growing ambitions. InfraCore Company has set up a quality management system to safeguard important values. The QMS secures all crucial moments in the field of quality. In addition, this QMS meets the NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 requirements so that application of this management system can be verified and confirmed by independent parties and complies with applicable laws and regulations. Our certificate is valid for the following scope:

The development and worldwide marketing of a variety of applications based on the InfraCore-Technology in flat, carrying heavy load structures, inter alia, traffic, transportation, shipbuilding, offshore, aerospace and energy.

The QMS ensures that all agreements made with customers and suppliers can be met. An important aspect of the management system is to strive for continuous and systematic improvements in all operations. These improvements can be initiated as a result of a good internal meeting structure, regular internal audits, evaluations with customers and an annual review of the management system.

The management team of InfraCore Company is responsible for the set-up and implementation of the QMS. Once a year, a number of objectives, based on the company’s goals, are formed, focusing on continuity, quality and customer satisfaction. The MT takes all possible measures to carry out the policy and to ensure that this policy is understood, endorsed and propagated by all employees. The Quality Manager is responsible for maintaining the QMS, organizing the internal audits and reporting to the management representative. Each employee carries the responsibility for meeting all agreements laid down in the QMS. The CTO will function as the management representative.