InfraCore® Company finds, develops and markets new cross-sectoral product-market combinations and creates new business opportunities, in close cooperation with key strategic partners, based on the worldwide patented InfraCore Inside technology and on the proven track record of FiberCore Europe.


InfraCore® Company operates preferably in partnership with credible, certified, independent & essential knowhow-suppliers in complementary fields of expertise.

The primary strategy of InfraCore® Company is “do what we are best at & cooperate with similar kinds. A strong partnership is already fully operational with renowned parties.”


Deliver commercially new Product Market Combinations & Benefit from complementary collaboration-cooperation.

Cooperate on all divisions: engineering, production, installation, service, but on one condition: only with partners meeting the ICC-standard!

InfraCore® Company is open for all kinds of commercial alliances: joint ventures, licensing, exclusivity, service-agreements, lease, technology provider, operational availability….

Find out how our technology benefits your company